About Mark Edwards, Marketing Innovator

Mark Edwards photo

Mark Edwards has forged a career in Online and Social Media, multi-platform content creation and broadcasting that spans over 40 years and almost every form of media. He has had experience in successful online and traditional media marketing, radio programming and management, music streaming, computer programming, and consulting on everything from branding to developing highly successful multi-platform marketing campaigns.

His work touches almost every communications platform in the online and broadcast spaces. Mark Edwards Worldwide, the multi disciplinary media consultancy he has operated since 2007, continues to work with selected clients on Content Creation, Social Media, Online Presence, SEO, SEM, and Web Analytics projects.

Having recently finished an assignment at Senior Account Manager at Supplemental Oxygen Digital, Edwards went back to the Agency World to provide full-service white label digital agency services to TV stations in the top 25 markets around the country. Mark’s recent position as Genre Manager and Music Technology Director at the now defunct CÜR Media let him combine his experience in online media, broadcast programming, internet content creation, and computer programming to help build a revolutionary new music streaming platform.

Edwards worked with Unisys as a Content Manager and Web Analytics Specialist for a number of United States Department Of Justice websites. In that role, he was charged with creating web content, optimizing it for SEO success, and analyzing its effectiveness. He also wrote the code that powered the websites, using tools including C#, Microsoft Visual Studio and TFS, Bootstrap, SharePoint, HTML5, CSS, and much more.

As Senior Vice President of Content Development for the TeshMedia Group and John Tesh Radio show, Mark Edwards was responsible for all online and social network activity, including website, SEO, SEM, analytics, podcast and streaming audio creation, working on the company’s video and television projects, and leading the company’s push into the world of branded content and content marketing.

Edwards is a longtime award-winning new media, online, and broadcast programmer, manager, and innovator. He works with and helps develop the cutting edge of the latest technology, and is regularly asked to test new products for firms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more. His New Media Newsfeed, updating the latest tech and User Experience news, is read by thousands of people a month. His writing has been published in a score of online and print platforms and he has spoken at many industry events.

His quarter of century of programming top radio stations includes WLIT/Chicago, KOSI/Denver, KYKY, KEZK, and WVRV in St. Louis and more. His pioneering work in Social Media, online marketing, and multi-platform branding is well known in the broadcasting and online industries.

Among Mark Edwards’ many accomplishments are launching one of the first websites for a radio station in 1992, producing the first direct mail video for a broadcast property, and an unsurpassed track record in launching new broadcast and online brands. Few in any industry can match Edwards’ unique understanding of online strategy and tactics, as well as his deep understanding of usability and best practices for dozens of online platforms, many of which he has worked with since their inception.