Another Week, Another Few Hundred People In Radio Fired

By | April 4, 2020

A seemingly quiet Saturday has been marred by a parade of social media posts, text messages, and emails from friends and people who I barely know talking about how they’ve lost their job in the radio or television business over the last week. You can call it downsized, furloughed, or your position was eliminated.

Whatever you call it these people aren’t working anymore. They showed up for work and gave the companies that pay them they are all everyday. Some of them worked in the same job for decades, one extremely talented person I know who was in her position for something like over 30 years. But now they are all In the ranks of the unemployed.

These were hard-working professionals who did nothing bad or even slightly dubious and did not deserve to lose their jobs. Their companies just needed to save money and they’re gone.

My heart bleeds for these people as I know that no matter what they may have been told by their friend the human resource person or supervisor that their jobs are probably not coming back and finding a new job is going to be harder than it ever has been before.

If there is anything I can do at this horrible time, please drop me a note at [email protected]. I will keep all of you in my prayers and do whatever I may be able to do to help you land on your feet in a reasonable amount of time.

I ask my friends who are still working or maybe who have been through this kind of Heartless discharge by a broadcast company in the past to keep these Professionals in your mind and help them if you have any opportunity to do so.

These women and men who found themselves on the street in the last week deserve better and I truly do pray that they find the job, inner peace, and happiness they so deserve soon.