Greetings And Salutations!

By | January 11, 2012
I really thought I’d never start another blog.  I’ve got blogs everywhere.  There’s Mark Edwards Uncensored, Mark Edwards Rants, Mark Edwards 3.0, Mark Edwards Unlimited even Mark’s Cubs Worship Pulpit.  To a lesser or greater extent, those blogs are sort of general interest, with the exception of the blog dedicated to the Chicago Cubs.

This blog will be different.  The focus here is the focus of Mark Edwards Worldwide. The Media.  Old media, New Media, Social Media, and perhaps most importantly, the future of media.  You’ll hear my opinions on some of the issues facing content creators, I’ll share some particularly noteworthy things I find around the Interwebz (which I do a lot at the Mark Edwards Worldwide Newsfeed) and hopefully I’ll rile up the folks who stumble onto this blog to get a good conversation going every once in a while.

So welcome, please bookmark, tell your friends, and feel free to subscribe to the e mail or RSS feeds of the blog.  I promise to never spam you.

Stay tuned for semi-regular updates!

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