Some thoughts on media.. | Om Malik

By | May 6, 2012

Some thoughts on media..

Earlier this week, at (*) The Guardian’s Activate NYC 2012 conference I shared some of my thoughts about the future of media. Craig Kanalley of The Huffington Post has a good summary of the day, but here are some of the key points I was trying to make during my chat with Max Robins of the Paley Center. 
  • If you had no history and asked how a gourmet food/travel magazine would look today, I would say it would be like Foursquare 
  • I love things like what Paul Berry @teamreboot is doing w/ @lererventures + what @BuzzFeed is doing.
  • Media industry innovation won’t happen at big companies.
  • We need Madison Avenue to start innovating. the whole ecosystem needs to be revamped.
  • Media mergers don’t work out because the person who does the deal leaves, and their replacement doesn’t share the vision.
  • Short term thinking is pervasive throughout American society and business.
If you want to watch the video, has proceedings from the day. 
* The parent company behind the Guardian owns a small stake in GigaOM as a result of our acquisition of paidContent. The invitation to speak came long before we made the deal to buy paidContent.

Some thoughts on media.. | Om Malik

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